der kleine abschied

a fine new video with some great improvisers from leipzig

»der kleine abschied«

improvisation by

gustav geißler – alto saxophone
michael jäger – tenor saxophone
adrian kleinlosen – trombone
philipp martin – electric bass
noah punkt – double bass
clemens litschko – drums

more improvised music:

camera: julia sophie kunde

die erste nacht

since june i’m running a concert series called otherunwise nacht. the idea is to invite fellow improvisers and let them create beautiful on one single evening. every concert will be recorded and excerpts published on the netlabel otherunwise .

so here is the first release from this series – as a free download: enjoy!

mark weschenfelder – alto saxophone
julian schließmeyer – trombone
noah punkt – double bass
jan roth – drums

video / video

two new videos with my participation came out recently.

number one is a performance video for “ella” by kempendorff/punkt/daisy. this piece comes from the EP called movements . artist julia sophie kunde and i directed this video and were performing.

number two is a performance video by julia sophie kunde. it contains the beautiful music of robert lucacius solo debut album – produced by me.

heimklang radio show

on june 18th i had the chance to be part of the jazzkollektiv dresden orchestra. we played on their radio show called heimklang. now you can listen to 14 great musicians and 3 parts of fine improvised music: christa abels, paul berberich, patrick schanze, david whitwell, martin schultze, julia kadel, konni behrendt, jo wespel, jonas gerigk, steffen roth, demian kappenstein, flo lauer and the great and wonderful günter “baby” sommer.