I first met Dean

There it is. The fourth release in this year 2016. „I first met Dean“ displays the first encounter of the US american improvisers Derek Baron (Percussion, Objects, Flute) and John Welsh (Guitar, Objects, Recorder) and the polish violinist Izabela Kałduńska and the german bass player Noah Punkt. Recorded in a live setting this release features a vivid and strong interplay and a wonderful urge to explore new sounds and spaces.

Out now on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Have fun listening – it’s great art!


Here it is: A new video for the first – okay let’s call things as they are – single. Pacgirl by punkt3.
The album „ordnung herrscht“ will be released on Clean Feed Records in September – Looking forward!
This wonderful video is made by the London based artist Marcin Ciszek.

Have a look – Enjoy the Sound.

ZKB Jazzpreis

Last week I had the chance to take part at the ZKB Jazzpreis. So I used this opportunity to present a brand-new program of my trio called punkt3. People liked it and punkt3 made it to the finals and received the 2nd Prize.

I’m so thankful that I could take part and present my music with my fellow musicians. And I’m so thankful to everybody at Moods and to the jury and the audience. It was a great pleasure to perform and it never felt like competition but more like a great festival featuring wonderful music and musicians.

Last but not least: A big fat congratulation to Marie Krüttli Trio who won the first Prize. They’re lovely and talented people and it was fun to share the bill with them at the finals. Check them out!


ruffed quantifier

Ruffed Quantifier ist the first release of otherunwise this year. It features compositions by me and the wonderful and stunning playing of Gustav Geißler on alto, Luke Strange on flugelhorn and Johannes Ziemann on drums. You can purchase the music via bandcamp or just listen to it.

Have fun – It’s great art!